Here are some projects recently completed by our team.

Pinal central - tortolita 500kV project

Client: Tucson Electric Power

The project consists of 40 miles of new 500kV transmission line construction from the Tortolita Substation in Red Rock to the Pinal Central Substation in Casa Grande. American Power crews constructed the line on steel monopoles, which were set on drilled caisson anchor bolt foundations with three-bundled 1590 ACSR conductor, a steel shield wire, and an optical ground wire.

The completion of this project improved electric reliability, expanded access to renewable energy projects, and helps meet future energy demands in the Tucson metropolitan area and surrounding region.


70y transmission upgrade project

Client: Pacific Gas & Electric

The project consisted of replacing and upgrading 275 transmission structures throughout PG&Eā€™s service territory which extends from Bakersfield in the South, to the Oregon border in the North.  The upgrades included both energized work as well as work under clearances, and included many locations in extremely rugged terrain accessible only by helicopter. 

The 70Y project was a priority for PG&E and included oversight from the California Public Utilities Commission, with an intense focus on both schedule and quality control.


tortolita 500kv substation expansion project

Client:  Tucson Electric Power

Our substation group expanded the existing 500kV Tortolita Substation by an additional 8 acres to accommodate the new 500kV transmission line.  The substation was converted from a ring-bus to a breaker-and-a-half scheme.  The scope of work included site work, trench & conduit, steel, bus and jumpers, circuit breakers and other associated equipment and testing.

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