American Power's substation group provides clients with consistently on-time, high quality project execution.  

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To be the substation constructor of choice for leading energy providers in the US, through providing consistent value through our industry leading experience and capability for substation and switchyards up to 500kV.
— Our Mission

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Project Highlight:  Vail T-3 Substation Project

Project Highlight: Vail T-3 Substation Project

The Vail T-3 Substation project (above) featured the addition of two bays within the 345kV yard and one bay in the 138kV yard, as well as the reconstruction of one 345kV bay at Vail Substation.

The project included the replacement and installation of dead-end structures, SF6 circuit breakers, disconnect switches, rigid and wire bus, and all control cable. Additionally, Atkinson partnered with a specialty contractor to complete the foundations, trench, and conduit work.

Construction activities were performed while the yard was energized and included a complex outage schedule. The team successfully overcame these challenges, ensuring the safety of those on site.

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Project Highlight:   McGinnes 69kV/12kV Substation

Project Highlight:  McGinnes 69kV/12kV Substation

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